One Word

Confidence on the floor
Don’t recognize me anymore

A shadow looking back at me
Who is this person that I see?

Cracks and curves brake in reflection
Strength gone, no more protection

Thought I was stronger than them
Caught in the fight, I let them win

Now the dust of old me settles in place
Cant see her radiance across my face

Question every moment, every word and thought
Can’t remember who I was, what I’ve been taught

Broken and broken, only fragments behind
Heart weakened, can’t trust my mind

Friends, leaders and heroes disguised in a smile
But I questioned, I fought, and they put me on trial

Not a fair judgment. My case never heard
Verdict given before I could say a word

And the damage lingers beyond just one day
The damage runs deep, with my pain I still pay

I will carry on and on until one day I return
To be seen again is all that I yearn

You can lift me up as fast as they tore me down
Don’t need a parade or placed with a crown

Only one word, one of kindness and grace

It is love. Love will return the warmth to my face

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