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You’re ok

I wrote this poem today after my site being live for only one day. I saw a hand full of complete strangers take time to read my poems and even like them. My hope is that my poems can resonate with people. Show them they are not alone. They will be ok. I wrote this poem to wrap arms around anyone who may be struggling today.

Photo by Liza Summer


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Photo by Cup of Couple

About Me

Hi, I’m the heart and mind behind these poems

By letting words flow from my heart and mind onto paper, I am able to understand and process my life experiences and learnings. My hope is that these expressions reach people where they are at and help to demonstrate that none of us are alone. We are all part of something bigger, connected, and by sharing our own stories, we can help create a path forward for each other. We all have our own hero, and they are found in our own hearts and minds.

I prefer to remain anonymous so that I can speak freely, share openly, and create a safe space for myself and for all.