When Good is Scary

Smile returning to my face,
A lump growing in my throat

Eyes opening, brightened up
Mouth tightens, and tension grows

Bursts of laughter and smiles ear to ear
Fear is creeping up deep, so deep within

Joy is like a dam breaking free
And my senses highten, ready for the drop

Happiness scares me, and thriving is terrifying
For me, for some, this is when our world will collapse

Fool me once, shame on you
Collapse again, and shame on me

Preasure to move, take action kicks in
Learn from the past and protect the now

What have I learned? What do I do?
What do I need to survive?

Survive. Survive. This is what I know
I know how to survive, rebuild, how to be ok

And there it is, the secret for the now
No need to take action, I’ll know when it’s time

My strength is my strength, surving then thriving
I will lean on this strength if the time comes again

I have all it takes, all I need is in me
I can face the collapse, rebuild again and again

Now, my lesson is to let go, to lean into the skid
To free fall completely; I’ve got my chute on my back

It’s time to find a way to being ok to be ok
To trust in myself, all that is within

Afterall, life is not only about the falls, even more, the beauty
It’s about the joy, the journey, the love,

It is perfectly imperfect
The most amazing, intricate design

Life is the whole picture
Take a breadth, a step back, remember to take it in

Take hold of the brush when it’s time,
But for now let it go, it’s ok, it is safe

I will always be safe, I am the muse of my own painting
Live on in the perfect masterpiece of my very own, unique life

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