Quitting, Out-loud

Somewhere out there, there is a lonely, desperate failure
Sitting in their quiet home, longing for a savior

Spending hours on end combing through others’ success
Obsessing over each in jealousy, life at it’s best

Studying what grabs attention, for others to notice
Preying on the struggles of those fighting in protest

They are protesting the wrongs of how we live today
Fighting for life, for love, for the world but in a better way

The failure grabs hold of their fight, and twists and turns the story
Manipulation through fancy phrases and catchy language, striving for glory

It does not matter how the twisted angle damages the good fight
It does not matter who is wrong, no matter what they are right

Those who cannot reflect on themselves, cannot take ownership of their mistakes
They are like toxins or lotus, they poison and progress they break

They distract the real problem, they turn important eyes away
They are not focused on growth, but their own personal runway

They speak lies of us quitting, quietly like sly children
We are painted as the enemy, ungrateful, selfish, and will run

And the cowards on top get scared, only reading the lies
Focused on stopping us, they want to control our lives

But with free will, comes free choice, the right to walk away
The right to control ourselves, and how we spend our own days

I wasn’t quitting, and certainly not quietly before
But now you’ve challenged my rights, and I have my eye on the door

I will not be quiet as I walk away
I will hold my head up high, smile, and leave with a “have a very nice day”

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