Damn, I Should Have Asked

Have you ever made a commitment without asking enough questions?
Who, what, where, when, but most importantly, why?

I find myself in this mistake over and over again
I’m so quick to please, and think I’m so easy going

And then, bam – I’m here again spinning in my mind
Why didn’t I ask more questions? Why didn’t I pause before saying yes?

Damn my quick mouth, and my big heart
Damn my need to please those around me who I love

What does it take to love myself just as much?
Why don’t I pause to hear what the one inside needs too?

And then you’re stuck, stuck in your commitment
It’s your own fault, and being stuck makes you hold your breath

The panic sets in. When will I get what I need too?
I over committed and then there’s no more time left for me

Damn, damn it, damn my big mouth and my big heart
Damn the distance, damn the clocks, and damn the needs

My introverted self depends on that time, but I gave it away like it was worthless
That time was gold and I squandered it

I promised myself to watch for this, this self distraction, it for sure is inevitable
But I can only blame my self and my impatience

I will do better next time
I must or this one inside will wreck me

Damn my big mouth and my big heart
I love this side of me, but only in moderation

It’s time to moderate
And It’s time to breath

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