Dream Home

Hours I drive, land passing me by
Town by town, longing, I cry

Will there ever be a place just for me?
A place I belong, the place I am seen

Where voices fill the evening air
Clings and clanks of family there

Smells of soap and coffee lure me out of bed
Reminders and notes on walls we all have read

Where air is crisp in the morning and the neighbors say hello
And the evenings are warm, like a blanket, and kisses to sleep before we go

A place where I can breathe and loved for who I am
Where I am welcomed, accepted, entrusted, and safe, it’s not a scam

And when it all becomes hard, clouds roll in dark
The fighting we hear will be for, not with each other. That is our rock

There is love flowing from each room, and radiating through the roof
Connections that are strong and gives our beautiful life the proof

While the styles, colors and walls may change over time
Within the walls is the treasure, the masterpiece, life at its prime

How I long for this place I can call home someday
I know I must just keep going, keep searching, continue on my way

And when the day comes that I find I’m no longer alone
That will be the day, the day that I am finally and forever at home

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