The Best Gift

This particular poem is the most meaningful one to me yet. I found out this week that somebody very important to me past away. She is the reason I started to write poems to express myself, and she encouraged me to post them in hopes that somebody out there may feel a little less alone and find comfort. This is your poem, Susan

You were given into my life at a very hard time
A stranger to me, not one that was mine

As each week unfolded, you started to dig
But you were careful and patient, I was like a twig

And as you learned more, you dug deeper to see
You dug so deep that one day you truly found me

In that moment, the world came together, it connected
This life that we live, each experience, all collected

The picture of my life you were able to understand
You knew more than I did, and you reached out your hand

You found me inside, and pulled me back up
You gave me a mirror, you filled up my cup

You taught me that it was safe to trust in myself
The trick was in my heart, in my mind, that’s my wealth

You affirmed that I was not broken, in fact I was strong
You said to trust my gut, maybe the others were wrong

You were there for the moment which crumbled me down
You showed up when I needed, you knew I wouldn’t drown

You trusted my words, my story through my eyes
You didn’t question or correct me, you never even tried

Years passed by, and you saw how I had grown
It was your gift to me, I did not do that on my own

I was excited to share each new chapter with you
Excited to tell you how you helped pull me through

I know I am stronger, more safe than I’ve ever been
You showed me the strength I had all along and within

And now I am here reflecting on our journey together
I cannot believe your gone, it is so hard to weather

All I know now is that you will live on in my heart
Within us all, who we are now, you are apart

I didn’t know back then that our time would be so swift
I am so grateful for you, thank you, you are the best gift!

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