Ride Each Moment

Ride each moment as life ebbs and flows
Accept the good, the hard, and all of life’s woes

Hear your heart each step on your way
Calm your mind, settle down, don’t let it stray

Accept the feelings and doubts and fears
Honor each one, but don’t let them bring tears

They are real only inside of yourself
But they don’t have true power, no wealth

They are dynamic and beautiful, changing all of the time
And there are also so many, not worth a dime

Don’t run your life responding to each one
Hear them, feel them, then let go and have fun

The best part of life is the love, excitement and mystery
You will never solve it, so release and they’re history

The next time the questions come creeping up from deep
Take a breath, close your eyes, and it’s your time to leap

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