I feel the weight of it every day
My shadow growing, my heart frays

I know what lies underneath
But it sits over me, my crown, my wreath

A ring of shame, weakness, and guilt
With each image captured, my tired soul wilts

My suit has so much power over my heart
It pulls me down so deep, it tears me apart

It’s been with me so long, we go so far back
I was 10? 11? 12? My eyes it attacks

The real me is in here, I’ve seen her in a blink
If only I could shed this, give my mind space to think

It controls so much, every moment, every day
It steals all my choices, it decides each turn, each way

I keep my head up high to prove I am strong,
But this suit speaks even louder, evidence I am wrong

I’m being held back, why I’m not all here
But I don’t take it off, my failures and fear

I’ll continue to fight, to break free of these layers
My heart is stronger than these voices, false players

It’s a step at a time, each moment a choice
My real me deserves it, I can hear her voice

So I’ll anchor to the good, the healthy, the real
I promise me this, my life I will not steal

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