Not Broken

You’re not broken, even if you feel like you are

Reading these words, and hearing this message, you are more together than you realize

I’m sorry, so sorry for the pain you’ve felt over and over again

The never ending aching, the constant noise never silent

You feel no peace or a moment for breadth

Pain, anger, shame, fear spiraling inside of you all of the time

I know you want it all to stop

You’re so tired and just need to be still

Through all of the turbulence inside, your beautiful self still glows

Your energy is a light for others around you, you make the world brighter

You are stronger than you can see, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t

This isn’t by luck or chance or accident, it is by your courage, resilience, perseverance

You haven’t quit, not all the way

You’re here with me right now, turning to these words for some peace

I hope my words do give you peace

You deserve in return the warmth you share with the world

These words cannot remove your pain, or erase your past

But they can remind you that the real you, the beautiful you, the amazing you is still here

And you are here not less, but more than you ever have been before

Because you have survived, because you are reading these words

Find the beauty in your reflection, inside and out

It’s the same beauty the world and I see in you

Find the pride in your resilience and in your strength

The same qualities which brought you to this very moment

Find love in your heart for both your heart and for your mind

The world can see your love radiating from you

And if you leave these words with nothing else, please at least leave with this

You are a gift. You light up this world no matter what you’ve endured.

Thank you for the gift your life brings into the lives around you.

We are all better because you are here.

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