Anxious Night

I lie in bed, every muscle is tense
I can hear every sound, each make me clench

I am alone, there is no protection
I’m with only me, and my reflection 

The shadows on the walls, the draft in the air
How is it possible if I’m the only one here?

Anxiety creeps up, up in my chest
I try to be brave, I’m doing my best

But my mind goes on spinning, it just won’t end
It’s twisting and turning, I’m not on the mend

The wind whistles by, the house gives a quake
I’m begging and praying to not be awake

I hear the clock by my bed tick on and on
So tired, but scared, I let out a yawn

Hours pass by and I wear myself out 
I finally drift off, not long, I let out a shout

You see, my mind is so active, my feelings so strong
It’s a blessing and a curse, I am right and I’m wrong 

And someday if I’m lucky, my mind will relax 

Someday, someway I may fix all my cracks 

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