When you question who you are, but don’t see clearly
When you feel all alone, judging eyes are staring

When your heart is screaming out, screaming loud
When your ears are burning, whispers are silent shouts

When you try so hard to make them see who you are
When you explain, listen, respond, and express yourself

When your tears stream down without control
When confusion crosses straight over your eyes

When you know it will all be better if they could just see
When you know you are good, you want the best for them all

When you show respect, speak out, you’re on their side
When they turn deaf ears, turn your story back on you

When you warn but try, you want to show that you care
When it fails and they blame you, that’s all they can do

When you fall down, and look up, they are all over head
When you see beyond their judgement, beyond their stories

When you stand back up, up on your feet
When you flex your muscles, speak your truth

When they can’t deny the facts and the laws
When their arguments fall short, fall through their cracks

When they lose their power over you and your heart
When you make the decision to take it back

When you decide to move on

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