Remember Me

When you begin to feel alone
Remember me

When you are confused and unsure
Remember me

When your light starts to fade
Remember me

When your surrounded by people but nobody is there
Remember me

When you can’t remember why you’re here or how you arrived
Remember me

When you are scared and feel stuck
Remember me

Remember every step you took
Remember the decisions you chose
Remember you followed your heart
Remember you checked in with your mind

Remember you’re smart

You’re kind
You’re deserving
You’re loving
You’re funny
You’re determined
You’re agile
You’re patient
You’re generous
You’re fun
You’re adaptable
You’re adventurous
You’re resilient
You’re bright
You’re strong
You’re courageous
You’re a leader

You are capable of creating and making beautiful things
But you can’t change it all, and that is ok

Come back to me and remember me
I will love you through it

I will guide you, support you, empower you
You’ve got me, every single day of your life

I will never leave you,

Never forget to remember me and come back to me

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