Please, Open Your Eyes

Please, please open your eyes

Look around and see all the lies

Please, please lift up your head

The world around us is failing, it’s all turning red

We still have a chance if we can all just look

Look past the screens, look back, look forward, look into a book

There is poison all around us, we need to tread lightly

It’s all clouding up, the sun won’t shine brightly

Put down the remote, the devise, the next big thing

Please, please understand that we are so much more important than what they bring

We no longer hear because are ears have gone deaf

We longer think because our minds don’t stop for breadth

We act so polite, so scared to say the wrong words

We need to be brave, but respect and give others accords

We move so fast, we no longer can be still

We can’t sit in silence, be bored, we’ve lost our will

Please, please just take a second to hear this plea

You, me, our children, our earth deserve to live and let be

But we have a chance to recover, and live a better way

Its dire, I know, and scary each day

You can be a hero, but you can’t do it alone

We all can be heroes, each sit on a throne

It won’t take a village, it will take every one

It won’t be easy, or instant, our job is not done

But believe in us, humankind, believe in our power

If we can create it, we can change it, with love we can shower

So please, please believe in yourself

Believe in your neighbor, your enemy, a stranger, place the pain on a shelf

How do we start? Where do we begin?

Begin with yourself and then maybe, just maybe, we all will win

5 responses to “Please, Open Your Eyes”

  1. The correct spelling you want for your context is “dire” (not dyer) altho dyer would seem perhaps more “poetic” Dire is an adjective, related words are direly and direness. The word dire is derived from the Latin word dirus which means, awful, fearful, threatening. A dyer is someone who makes his living staining clothing or other fabrics with color. Related words are dye, dyes, dyed, dyeing, dyable.


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