My Safety

You are the dim light breaking through

The one is who is the wisest and most true

You stayed with me through every long, dark night

You lifted me up, gave me strength, told me to fight

You were the only one who heard my screams, dried my tears

You placed shields around me, you stuck by me through all my fears

You told me I wasn’t wrong, that the world around were lies

You reminded me to keeping going, you pushed me to survive

You loved me when I did the very worst,

You loved me when I failed, broke and cursed

You forgave all of my mistakes and flaws

You kept me going without pause

You cradled me in arms when I needed affection

You showed me grace and peace, you gave me redemption

You’re so much stronger, braver, smarter than I’ll ever be

But yet when I see you, I’m actually seeing me

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