War and Peace

Each day is different than the last
Reflecting back, learning from my past

Another lesson is stored in my book
Another scar, more life that it took

Living can feel like a constant war
Every day growing stronger, and tired. What is it for?

Ready to find rest and peace
To live life safe and sound, at the very least

But each new page brings on a new threat
And also a new hope, growing stronger yet

These pages are my own map and my bible
I must read each line, take in each moment, hold myself liable

I can’t choose my past or the fears that are fostered
But I can choose my actions, I can choose my life’s roster

I choose to acknowledge my fears for my next chapter
And I also choose to see the good, push through the fear that’s my captor

If I focus too much on my past, and the learnings I’ve collected
I’ll forget to look up, look forward, my present will be neglected

So here I am near the end of this story and onto the next
I’ll swing my heart open, trust my armor, wish it all for the best

I know that tomorrow may bring on a new war
But I’m prepared now, I’m ready, for that I am sure

And when I’m past the next war, I will celebrate and feast

Because the wars are just battles, and I know now how to find peace

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