Attacking Heart

Thumping, beating, pulsing, aches
It’s deep inside, but my whole body quakes

It’s the source of every thought and emotion
It has a mind of its own, it’s own secret potion

Feelings are one thing, there are psychologists for that
And bodies are another, cardiologists stop lines being flat

But the heart, the heart is something so much more
It’s something, deeper, darker, it’s something pure

It gives us life and brings curves to our lips
But it also hurts us hard, to our chest our hands grip

It is beauty, energy, joy and laughter
It is pain, emptiness, aching forever after

It makes life worth living, life too hard to bare
It brings us to our very top, so far down to scream “I don’t care!”

My heart has given me countless gifts
My heart has broken into pieces adrift

It’s the thing that makes me feel like I’ve hit my edge
But also the hero that hangs in there to pull me off a ledge

My heart loves my heart but hates it too
My heart holds me back, and pushes me through

I guess this heart may be what life is all for
I hope my heart can bring me peace and help me endure

I choose to love my heart through all of this pain and trouble
And when I doubt my heart, I’ll trust to lean in double

Thank you heart for doing what you do best

Thank you heart, because of you I am blessed

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