You’re Ok

It’s ok, you’re ok, you will be ok
I know it gets hard, it becomes unbearable

You’re ok. Life was never meant to be easy,
This moment will make you feel strong someday

You’re ok. It doesn’t mean that all of the pain goes away
It doesn’t mean that the harm is erased

You’re ok. I know the pain that paralyzes the mind in an endless loop
The pain feels like it could last forever, and every second feels like a year

You’re ok. Take a breath at a time, just focus on breathing
And when you can, focus on two breaths, then three, then four

You’re ok. You will survive this if you can keep taking breath
Feel your heart, your beautiful heart, beating in your chest

You’re ok. Feel the warmth of your blood pumping through your perfect body
Close your eyes and see you’re in a happy place again

You’re ok. Bring attention to your brilliant mind which is still thinking thoughts
There is a secret in that mind of yours. Be curious to learn what it is

You’re ok. That breath moving in and out, that heart pumping warmth through your body, that brilliant mind which is still thinking

You are ok! You are alive. You are strong, and beautiful, and flawless.
Nobody can ever take that from you, no matter what has happened to you.

You are not alone. You’ve never been alone.
You’ve got YOU and there is nobody more important in this world.

See your beautiful you.
Right now, you are ok.

And tomorrow, you may even be great.

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