I trust you, I trust you
I mean it, I trust you

Who am I trying to convince?
What am I trying to prove?

You’ve given me reason to trust you
But equally you’ve given me reasons to not

You’ve betrayed me, lied to me
You’ve let me down, you’ve even hurt me

But my pain and anger at you has held me back
My doubt in you is like shackles on my feet

I’ve denied feeling anything for you
And I covered up the millions of things I’ve ever felt

I did a great job hiding from you to protect myself
But you’re still here, you’re still knocking on my door

You’re still sleeping in my bed
You’re begging me to believe in you

You’re here, wanting me to be happy
You’re only fighting for what’s best for me

You’ve done a lot to regain my attention
You’ve worked really hard and faced your demons

You still have more to face and yet I see you
I see the person behind the curtain and beyond the blame

I trust you, I TRUST YOU
After all, if I can’t trust you, there would be nobody else

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