That Moment

It’s that moment all others live up to
You cannot architect it to happen

No planning in the world makes it be
But you know that moment when you’re in it

Your worries flow out the windows
Your body settles into itself

You don’t have to force your mind to be present
Your mindfulness is natural because you want to be right where you are

And you know that there is no missing it
It is these moments which make life worth it all

The moments which make every heart break worth while
These moments make all the other hard moments ok

We live for these moments and they come so unexpectedly
Next time you are in one of these moments, hold on tight

But don’t try to hold on to them forever,
These moments are not meant to be constant

They are special because they are rare
Let the moments be simply what they are meant to be

They are the memories that burn into your mind
They leave you with a sore face and aching sides

Sometimes you may need to wait and wait, but be patient
Remember, you can’t force these moments but you can be open to them

And if your next moment is taking too long to come
Please, please don’t blame yourself

Don’t think that maybe you can’t foster these moments anymore
Trust me, you can

Perhaps you’ve grown to be so special, these moments just need time to catch up

Embrace what’s in front of you but also listen to your heart
Your next moment is just around the corner if you can wait for it

I’m so excited for you, for me
I’m so excited for that next moment

After all, it’s what life is all about

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