I’m so tired, but my eyes won’t shut
I’m trying to be happy, but I’m in a rut

Every breadth is so hard to pull in and push out
There’s so much bursting through, but I no longer can shout

All I want is a single moment of peace
All I need is for this pressure to release

I’m feeling so sad, but through it I can be happy
Im grasping at straws and remaining scrappy

The lines on my face grow deeper each day
I don’t want to keep living life in this way

I want to tear through to bring back my real self
I want to reach in and pull out my real wealth

I know that she’s in there and she hasn’t passed on
I’ll tell her to be tough and remind her she’s strong

But I’m so tired, my mind is a fog
It’s so clouded up, my thoughts are the clog

If I ask the right question, maybe I’ll break it open and free
Like why am I here? What happened to me?

I’m here because of my past, the turns and decisions I’ve made
I’m here because of others, and for my actions I’ve paid

Is here after all such a bad place to be?
I look around, I see I’m safe and I’m free

So what do I need to bring back who is inside?
I need to be loved, to be supported, to be lifted and thrive

Who can take this burden, my needs?
There is just one, only one – and that needs to be me

So I accept this burden, this challenge with a whole heart
I will show up, I commit for my life to be a part

But I’m tired, so damn tired today
In this moment, my best is pushing to another day

And someday soon, this I promise out loud

I will take a bigger step, move forward and make me proud

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