Coming Back

Days and days go by, with darker clouds forming
The world gets smaller, scary, the lights dim

There is no space for feeling, you’re overwhelmed in fear
You are struggling and reach for safety, but it falls short

You’re drowning, you’re panicked and need to be saved, but nobody comes
You are noticed, but as you are seen you are pushed further down

You cry out “Please, see that I’m in danger. Rescue me!”
Your voice gets louder, but help moves further away

And finally, you realize that it is time to let go and fall
So you release, you’re so scared but you don’t have the strength to keep reaching

Your fear hits a peak, the worst is certainly going to happen as you let yourself sink

But then, you start to feel a flutter in your heart
You feel a wave of breath and your body begins to float up

Somebody strong, safe is lifting you up
You know them but forget they were there

They are strong, courageous and able to save you
They were there the whole time, you just couldn’t see through the clouds of fear

And as your rise up, you begin to feel the earth form under you
A wave of energy builds inside you as the clouds float on; you know where you are

Others begin to recognize you and move back toward you again
You can feel the breath filling in your lungs, the strength of your own feet holding you up

You begin to see a person you knew from long ago
You realize you are safe, you are ok, it is all ok

You step onto solid ground and your curiosity builds
The clouds are still nearby and may shift at anytime, but you choose to look away

You are ready to begin walking again and exploring the world in front of you
You’ve learned how to be saved, so you don’t need to be scared anymore

And I leave you, I leave me, with this:
I’m sorry for your pain, and your hardships
I’m sorry others hurt you and wouldn’t save you when you needed a hero

And, I need to remind you – There is a forgotten hero still here.
Honor them and never ever forget them.

They have always been there and they have saved you time and time again
Be grateful for them, and when you need it, with gratitude ask them to save you again

You are safe because of them, your hero
You don’t have to be scared because you now will always be safe

Trust them, love them, and be their perfect partner
Your hero is in you. Your hero is you.

You’ve got this, every time. It’s time to start living again. Embrace it!

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